Transform ANY Toilet Into a Nighlight

Transform ANY Toilet Into a Nighlight

GlowBowlIf you have a child, chances are you’ve had to deal with the joys of potty training. I know I have. When it comes to our youngest, toilet training was one of the most difficult milestones we had to overcome. Our daughter is a little on the timid side, meaning that she’s quick to scare and slow to defeat her fears. For her, trips to the big girl bathroom were just about as terrifying as the monster under the bed. Thankfully, my wife discovered Glowbowl and ended most of my daughter’s fears! Instead of being afraid of even entering the bathroom, our daughter was lured in by the bright colors emitting from our toilet bowl. Her fear of the dark was completely eliminated when it came to our bathroom.

The GlowBowl’s Carousel Mode

7 ColorsNow, my daughter is thrilled when she enters the bathroom. The toilet bowl’s light is always on green these days, as green is her favorite color. On days where she’s been extra attentive during her potty training lessons, my wife switches the light to Carousel Mode. Carousel Mode allows the Glowbowl to cycle through a few different colors. Believe it or not, it’s ended up being a real treat for all of our kids. Now, the only thing my daughter has to fear is the loud noise the toilet makes when it flushes. At least the Glowbowl is a start to making the bathroom a great place to be!

Glowbowl is simple to use and install. You just attach it to your toilet bowl and turn it on. You can even match the colors to the decor of the room, allowing you to preserve your interior decorating without an issue. It’s even easy to clean and water resistant, eliminating any concerns my wife and I had about using it for longer than toilet training time. The flexible arm has the light itself attached to the end, allowing the colors to filter through your toilet bowl in any configuration that might be necessary for adequate lighting.

Motion-Activated Light Sensors

Motion ActivatedLater on, it even became a great tool for our aging parents. After my mother’s fall in the bathroom, we invested in another Glowbowl for their bathroom at home. The motion-activated light sensors allowed both of my parents to see exactly what they were doing when they visited the bathroom, eliminating the possibility of a future bathroom tumble. Aside from our little one, the big ones who raised us have ended up benefitting from the Glowbowl in a huge way. It even allows my wife and I to have a greater peace of mind about the wellbeing of our parents; after all, it makes one room in their house just a little bit safer.

It’s safe to say that Glowbowl has definitely been an improvement in our lives. It’s made both our parents and our kids feel more secure about using the bathroom in the dark.dark. Whether you’re potty training your kids,kids, looking to give your bathroom that extra edge,edge, or just trying to keep your elderly family members on their feet,feet, Glowbowl can be a great way to keep the whole family happy in the bathroom.bathroom.

When I Used to Work in The Medical Field

When I Used to Work in The Medical Field

Surgical InstrumentsAs someone who used to work in the medical field, I know how important the right surgical tools can be. Every working physician that I’ve ever met has their preference for a particular brand of surgical tools. Because I used to work closely with each and every medical professional in my area, I know how many doctors turned to Marina Medical for all of their surgical tool needs. Whether they were in the market for surgical scissors, retractors, or just about any other type of medical equipment, I almost always heard the name ‘Marina Medical’ tossed around. When it comes to purchasing new medical tools, Marina Medical doesn’t mess around. They’re dedicated to providing the doctors I’ve worked with the product they need to make surgery a breeze.

Medical Conventions

Medical ConventionsWhen you go to a convention in any field of medicine, you’ll find the Marina Medical booth somewhere around the convention floor. Anyone who has been to a medical convention knows how busy it can be, but stopping by that particular booth is definitely going to be worth the time. At that booth, you’ll be sure to find some of the most intelligent people in the surgical tools industry. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to them to ask about their products and found that they’re polite, courteous, and professional in almost anything you speak to them about. They’re some of the best people to work with within the medical field; I now understand why so many doctors turn to Marina for their surgical tools.

I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of the fantastic team behind Marina Medical. Anthony and Marina Zinnanti are the couple that have worked to make the dream of easy surgical procedures a reality. Their mission statement rings true throughout my field of medicine and beyond: making surgery a safe experience for clients, nurses, doctors, and anyone else involved in the process. When your tools are certified by the experienced hands of Marina Medical, you can expect only the best from your surgery results.

Surgical Success with Marina Medical

Supercut copyLike they say, their goal is to make surgical achievements easier and safer and it really shows. Complete with years of experience in the business and even a certification in Women’s Business Enterprise, this company has been one of the most professional businesses that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The doctors in my field rave about this company and with their results and popularity, it isn’t hard to see why. If your medical field is anything like mine, chances are you’ll be hearing the name Marina Medical a lot. I certainly know I have!

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing from Marina Medical, chances are they’ll be at one of your local medical conventions. While you’re perusing the convention floor, go ahead and check out the Marina Medical booth.booth. You’ll quickly discover that this company manufactures and sells some of the best medical tools on the From one medical professional to another,another, good luck finding the surgical tools that work best for your needs!needs!

Problems With My Air Conditioning

Problems With My Air Conditioning

AC RepairIn Florida, nobody wants to be caught outside in the elements for very long. With our summer heat, getting stuck outside when you’re unprepared isn’t exactly anyone’s cup of tea, and everyone knows that having air conditioning in Florida is a necessity rather than a luxury. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had to spend some time with a broken A/C unit at the worst possible time. Just this last holiday season, I ended up with a broken air conditioning unit while my family was visiting! It would’ve been a nightmare if I hadn’t had a good air conditioning service on my side. Cooks Air Conditioning was my saving grace when it came to my broken air conditioning unit.

Hottest Places in the Country

Even in December, Florida can be one of the hottest places in the country. My family members were visiting from up north when it all went wrong. It was just like a movie – we were all sitting around the table, laughing and joking, only to notice that the room was getting suspiciously hot. When I went to check the Heat Map United Statesthermostat, I found that the A/C was leaking water everywhere! The house seemed to get hotter and hotter as time went on, much to my northern family’s chagrin. However, Cooks Air Conditioning was on the clock when our restful holiday seemed to be crumbling into ruins.

After a quick phone call and an appointment, they jumped in a truck and drove to my location. Once they arrived, they were able to handle my air conditioning problem within an hour! My drain line was apparently clogged, so said the technician. Like a lot of people, I have no idea where the air conditioning ends and begins, so I was more than a little grateful when the technician could handle my problem with minimal interference. I didn’t have to worry about absolutely anything; instead, things were handled as quickly as possible and efficiently as possible.

Central Air Conditioning

Central ACA few minutes after the technician left my home, the building was as cool as can be. Everything had gone back to normal within a few moments time, allowing me and my family members to rest easy without having to worry about sweating through our fancy holiday clothes! After that, I was able to convince my family that Florida’s heat is really not so bad when you consider that every building has central air conditioning. Central air conditioning is one of the best things that Florida homes have to offer but only when it works! That’s why having a great air conditioning company on your side is so important.

A few months from now, I expect to have to replace my air conditioning too. You better believe that the first company I’ll be calling is Cooks Air. After that great experience, I can trust that they’ll give me the best price for my installation.installation. They’ll work quickly and efficiently without leaving me to worry about the ins and outs of my air conditioning installation.. In the future,future, I’ll always be working with Cooks Air for all of my air conditioning needs.needs.

Replacing My Locks in Cincinnati

Replacing My Locks in Cincinnati

Cincinnati HeatAny Cincinnati native can tell you that our summers get more than a little hot. In the height of August, you can find just about everyone reaching for a cold drink. It’s that time of year that no one wants to find themselves without air conditioning, especially not if they don’t want to be outside in the first place. But let’s say you lock yourself out of the house one day and find yourself stranded in the hot sun. What do you do? The answer is simple! You find a reliable locksmith that you can trust within the area. For me, Cincinnati Locksmith is that locksmith.

My Irrational Self

I can be pretty scatterbrained when it comes down to it; all my friends say that my head is always up in the clouds. True to my name, I was leaving my job one evening and found that I’d locked my keys inside my car. If that isn’t absent-minded, I don’t know what is. Thankfully, a friend had recommended me to Cincinnati Locksmith ages ago after I replaced some locks. I still had their number saved, so I went ahead and placed a call to their office. I was pleased to find that they were some of the easiest people to work with and that they could help me out immediately. Instead of having to jump through hoops to get things done, they were quick and professional through every step of the way.

Cincinnati LocksmithOnce I’d explained the situation, they sent a truck straight away to my location. Within minutes, my car was unlocked, and I was able to get out of the Cincinnati heat! The technician they sent worked as efficiently as possible to make sure that I could get on my merry way without further interruption. When it comes to those record-breaking August temperatures, I couldn’t have been more grateful that Cincinnati Locksmith was there to help. I know from first-hand experience that Cincinnati Locksmith is one of the best locksmith companies to work with. After all, they rescued me from the summer heat!

New Locks in My House

Beforehand, I’d spoken to Cincinnati Locksmith about taking care of a few new locks. I’d just moved into the city, and I needed to change up a few locks, like the front door lock and my bedroom lock. Handling that was just as easy as handling Residential Locksmith in Cincinnatimy emergency lockout situation. The residential locksmith technician arrived in a timely fashion and got everything done with skill and craftsmanship. They were able to get my new locks in at a great price and with absolute professionalism. I didn’t have to worry about anything when it came to my new locks.

So if you’re in the market for a locksmith that can handle anything you might need, I recommend you head on over to Cincinnati Locksmith. I’ve only worked with them a few times but each time I have,have, they’ve been an absolute dream to work with.with. If I find myself needing any kind of lock-related task completed in the future,future, you can bet that they’re the company that I’m going to turn

What is Oshibori?

What is Oshibori?

Welcome to Oshi Bori Art! If you never heard of oshibori and are wondering what it is, you came to the right place. An oshibori or o-shibori is a wet towel that is offered to customers in Asian social settings like restaurants and bars. Depending on the season, an establishment might hand cold or warm towels. For example, in the warmer months, a cool towel might be handed to guests and during the colder months, a warmer towel is handed to guests.

These small wet towels are used to clean one’s hand before and after eating. Some might use the wet towel to wipe their faces, but that is greatly discouraged and is considered a faux pas. It is also a major faux pas to use the wet towels to clean the tables. Guests are expected to use the towel to freshen their hands, fold the towel and return the towel to its stand.

The practice began in the Edo period as cotton products expanded and became more popular. Teahouses during the period would hand to their visitors a bucket of water and a clean cloth to their weary visitors. These customers twisted the cloth as they wiped their hands and feet.

The practice has gained a footing in American cultures. For example, most airlines provide hot towels to their international first and business class guest before their meal on long flights. Some beauty salons and barbershops use the hot towels although the social etiquette is a bit different than in a restaurant or in an airline.

Here at Oshi Bori Art, I’d like to show you some artwork using these wet towels. This kind of art is fun and a great way to put your mind to work without any headache. Thank you so much for your time and support. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I love making the art.