If you like origami, you'll love this!

Oshibori Origami is the latest Japanese craze sweeping the nation! Instead of paper, we're making origami from wet Japanese hand towels. Oshibori origami is easier than traditional origami, and more fun, too!

If you need a good party trick, try origami with an oshibori, a hand towel about 30cm square, given out at most Japanese restauarants, or izakaya.

It's easy! Grab an oshibori and let's try what I like to call, oshiborigami!

Yum! It might be too long and thin, but this delicious croissant is made from the finest wet hand towels in my house! When you're out at an izakaya, dip it in some soy sauce and have a nibble. Almost as good as the real thing!

Make an oshibori croissant!

Aww... isn't it cute? Impress the girls at your table with this floppy eared rabbit. It's the perfect complement to a bowl of salad, and you can make this attention grabbing piece of oshibori art in just four steps!

Make an oshibori rabbit!

Why take your kids to the zoo, when you can make your own? You'll need all your oshiborigami skills to get your elephant's ears where they should be, but once you're over that hurdle there'll be nose stopping you!

Make an oshibori elephant!

This cute little baby bird is sure to get some attention, and if not, throw it at someone like a snowball!

When you're out at a restaurant, make a family of them with your friends. I guarantee they will bring a smile to the waitress who comes to clean your table after you've gone.

Make an oshibori bird!

Run! Run! It's Godzilla! Japan's favorite B-movie monster is recreated with a wet hand towel! He may not have the martial arts techniques or atomic breath of the original creature, but this oshibori monster still maintains Godzilla's aquatic abilities.

Make an oshibori Godzilla!

Mooooo! You won't get milk out of it, but you might get some laughs if you make an oshibori cow at a yakiniku restaurant! It only takes a few simple folds of your favorite oshibori to make a mad cow. Try it!

Make an oshibori cow!

With its big head and rubber band accessory, this baby penguin is one of the most popular examples of oshiborigami. Complete with flappy wings and moveable beak, this little penguin is sure to get everyone's attention. It will even stand up for them!

Make an oshibori penguin!

This little oshibori man has written a little poem to introduce himself...

You know you can't tear me or throw me away, I'm not a paper towel that was used yesterday. Warm you up, cool you down, I'll do whatever I can. I'll even clean your mess, I'm the Oshibori Man! 

That's right, and you can use a wet towel to make your own oshibori man, complete with hood and cape!

Make an oshibori man!

Last but not least, the grand finale, our piece de resistance, the moment you've all been waiting for... an oshibori willy! Embarrass yourself and your co-workers with a wet towel willy! By far the most popular piece of oshiborigami, this carefully crafted symbol of masculinity is sure to be met with disapproving frowns or jokes about one's own insecurities. If you're lucky, though, some people might actually find it funny!

Make an oshibori willy!